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Meet Our Newest Author, Mai Lieu

Mai Lieu is a successful inventor, businesswoman, author, and inspirational speaker who talks the talk and walks the walk. In fact, she is changing the discourse on entrepreneurship and blazing a trail of success for others to follow.

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With more than 20 years experience in the beauty industry, she has won more than 7 first-place International hairdressing awards. She has worked and trained all over the world (USA, Canada, China, and Europe) and she has also been featured in the the Star Bulletin, Hawaii’s Business Mid-Week, KITV, KHON, KHNL TV, Global TV Canada, as well as over 10 radio stations! As an inspirational speaker, Mai is passionate about inspiring others to follow their dreams and sharing her secrets to creating success.

Mai Lieu lives, loves and surfs in Hawaii.

Here is your first glimpse of Mai on Hawaii News Now, discussing some of her CreaProducts.


Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL




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6 Tips to Brush Up Your Reading Comprehension Skills

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of ‘Summer Reading‘ and how over the summer months off school, up to three reading levels can be lost. The same thing happens when our reading comprehension skills are not up to snuff. Do you always retain everything that you read? How much do you recall when asked about the chapter you just read… a minute after reading it, or two weeks after reading it?

Helping out your reading comprehension skills is easy to do, whether you are a child learning to read or a well versed adult reader. You might be one of the lucky few who can remember every single detail, but for most of the population, this is not the case. Let’s explore a few ways that can help with better reading comprehension, to get the most out of what you read!

Reading Comp

Keep Notes- Taking notes is a good way to boost reading comprehension. If it is for a class, choose a notebook. If it is just pleasure reading, a few pieces of paper and a pencil will do.

Read Your Notes- Wait a day, then read back your notes. If your notes make no sense, you’ll know you either need to take more notes, or take better ones.

Eliminate Distractions- Turn off the music and the television. Head to the library, your bedroom or anywhere you can find peace and quiet to read.

Read Aloud- Reading aloud allows you to slow down and to read with more time to process the words. This is an additional benefit for visual learners. If you find that reading aloud helps, you might find ‘books on tape’ to be particularly useful.

Use a Dictionary- Have a dictionary on hand to improve vocabulary. Stop, look it up, and write it down in your notes so that you’ll remember.

Start with a Below Level Book- Reading should not have you straining to figure out what the words mean, or have you reading sentences over and over. Read books at slightly below level to start, to gain confidence and find joy in the story, instead of a struggle with the language.


Reading is like most things and is done best when practised often. Help yourself get the most out of your reading!




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The Importance of Summer Reading

When I say ‘Summer Reading’… I am not talking about what you will be reading at the beach this summer. Summer reading discusses the loss or decline in your child’s reading development, when the children are out of class on summer vacation and are not participating in formal literacy programs.

Did you know that children can drop up to three reading levels over the summer??


Most of the Fall is spent reviewing things learned the previous year, so not only will you be saving the teacher a few hours by continuing to practice reading over the summer, but you’ll be saving your child the pains of playing catch up!  It is usually the children who have difficulties reading that experience the most loss over the summer, and sometimes, that can leave them even further behind.

8 Tips to Help Encourage Summer Reading!

  • Visit the Library More Often! Your kids will be speeding through books with all their free time, so you might have to ‘borrow’ more often to keep up with your little enthusiasts!
  • Scout for books that you know your child will enjoy. Do they like comic books? Use their hobbies and interests to fuel their love of reading! It doesn’t matter what they are reading, it is only important that they are!
  • Present reading as an activity with a purpose! Reading is a way to gather info… let your children help you plan a day trip or an outing.
  • Encourage older siblings to read to younger siblings.
  • Play board games that encourage reading skill usage.
  • Introduce the ‘Bookmark’ to your child! It is important that your child doesn’t feel compelled to finish a book in one sitting, or even, to finish that book ever! Let them read for however long they can, then take a break. Different children will have different tolerances for practice, so be sure to not make reading feel like a painful chore. Reading is a fun activity always!
  • Offer special incentives to encourage your child to read. Maybe they can stay up an extra 15 minutes to finish off their chapter, see a movie based on the story they are reading or to be relieved from a chore to make extra time for reading!
  • Most importantly, let your children see YOU read.  Ultimately, if you have  a good relationship with reading, they will too!


Happy Summer Reading!


Tina Talks Feng Shui on Global’s Calgary’s Child

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This month, Tina has been busy spreading her organizational,
Feng Shui and ‘Prom Mom‘ knowledge all over Calgary!


 FS Local Blog- May 30th/14 
MOMpreneur: Tina O’Connor


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Three Easy Steps to the Life You Desire


Over the last decade, I have extensively researched the topic of self-help and personal development. Although many authors make this topic complicated, achieving the life you desire is actually very easy. By following three easy steps, you can change virtually any area of your life — and did I happen to mention it is easy? In fact, you are already doing it and you don’t even realize it. Everything that is happening in your life, you have tremendous influence over and you are influencing every area of your life… even as you sit here and read this blog.

Let me explain….


With three simple steps, we can change anything in our life.


Step One: Create the desire

In my travels, one of the most common questions I get from audiences is “I don’t know what I want in the future”. You see, when we know what we desire, creating the desire becomes very easy. So… how do we identify our desire? I always use two methods, the first is listen to what you emotions are telling you, when you feel negative emotions, fear, anxiety, stress and anger, stop for a second and ask yourself what are you thinking about and what is creating that emotion? Normally, you are really wanting the opposite of it. For example, if you feel anxiety or stress around a relationship or lack of a relationship, your desire is to have a meaningful relationship. You will also notice when you have happy emotions, you are normally thinking about the things that are going well in your life, and there is no coincidence there!

If you already know your desired outcome, you can go right to the next step. Write your desires down on what I call a “dream sheet”. A “dream sheet”, if reviewed each day, will focus your attention on your desire with a laser focus. Think of it like a magnifying glass– if you move it around on a piece of paper nothing happens. but if you stop and focus the beam on one spot, the energy will create fire. I go in much more detail in my newest edition of “Bring About What You Think About” and in my speeches, but it is safe to say if you write down what you desire and read it everyday, your life will start down a whole new path. If it is a relationship you desire, start to focus your beam of energy on what an ideal relationship would look like, and how you would act and  of what would it feel like.


Step two: Believe You Can Achieve It

Believing you can achieve it, is no place for the weak of heart. This is where you have to change your thinking. You can’t move in the direction you want by believing the opposite and as odd as it sounds, many people do it. You can’t have a perfect relationship by thinking “all of the good people are taken” or “I will act better when they change”. This is called conflicting beliefs, and you will find that you have lots of them in the areas of your life where you are not achieving what you want. Think about all of the wonderful things that happen in your life, and you will see your beliefs align with your desires and outcomes. For example, if you are wanting great physical health, you align your beliefs with your desires and you believe that you are in great physical health, you eat the right food and you exercise because that supports your beliefs in the outcome.  Going back to the relationship example, all you need to have your desired relationship, is the belief that you can! You have to change any conflicting beliefs that may be holding you back, and believe the picture you are creating in your mind of the perfect relationship. So why did I say it is not for the faint of heart? Because, we can’t go into wanting a desire creating a fail-safe to save face. If you find yourself making excuses on why it may not work (to let yourself down gentle), in the event that perfect person does not come along, you are creating a conflicting belief.  Take the leap of faith and believe you can have your desire.


Step three: Become Receptive to the Desire

Being receptive, in the simplest terms, means becoming the person you would need to be, if you already received your desire. You see, the things that are going well in your life… you are already acting as if they are here, because they are and “there” is the key. Are we acting that way because they are here, or are they here because of the way we are acting?

In my own life, I struggled with weight. One day I said Eddie, are you applying this principle in your own life? Being roughly 215 pounds, I had  the desire to weigh 175 pounds, but I wasn’t acting like I had already achieved my desire. I took out a piece of paper and I wrote down all of the things I would be doing if I weighed my desired weight. What would I wear? What would I eat? How would I exercise and what would I feel like? Then, I wrote down a list of all of the answers to the same questions based on my 215 pound life, and there lays the gap. So I started acting like I already weighed my desired weight. I ate the food, exercised the way I envisioned it and I began to feel lighter on my feet. Within six months I weighed 175 pounds and I have never gone back to my heavier self.

We can insert the example of the relationship into Step 3 too. Are you acting the way you would, if you already had the perfect relationship? Are you loving, caring, and giving? Do you demonstrate your feelings for the person you are with, in a way they would like to receive them? The key is to be the person you would need to be, if you already had the relationship of your dreams.


I hope these three steps will have a profound impact on your life!

Remember, “Live Your Dreams” !


Eddie Lemoine
-International Speaker, Author and Employee Engagement Expert




Look for Eddie’s newest edition of
Bring About What You Think About“,
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Tina O’Connor Launches Her New Site!

Web Pic



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Tina O’Connor now has her own space on the World Wide Web!  Feel free to pop in, sit down and stay awhile. We hope you’ll enjoy looking around.





The Be That Books Publishing Team


Spring Break Messes … #Teamwork Lessens!

TGIF! –  Boy, has it been a long week!  What began as ‘Easter Break’ morphed into a week long ‘Spring Break’ off school.  Three kids (plus friends) home full time leaves a lot of time for mess making, but alas… the mess needs to get cleaned up and I’m not about to do it all myself! There is no “I” in team!

These days, family’s are busy and it is more important than ever to get your team working for you!  Remember, your job as a parent is to teach your children independence. “Chores” are little life skills that teach your children how to care for themselves and for their environment. Kids of every age can be helping out, no age is too little. Start by teaching your children how to properly do the chores and then let go of your guilt– I’ll repeat it again — You do not need to do everything yourself!

Chore Collage

You must allow your children to help around the house. After all, they live there too!  If you do not ask them or encourage them to help out, chances are they won’t. They might not do the chores perfectly at first, but eventually in time they will.  Be sure to praise your kids when the chores get completed without asking — nag free chores are the BEST!

Here are a few suggestions to help get the chores done smoothly–

1. Keep it age appropriate. Eg; counting out the plates for dinner, filling up water glasses, doing their laundry.

2. Reward them! I love the Melissa & Doug Reward Chart — it makes it easy to change up the chores weekly (so there is never a dull chore moment) and each token earned garners them a quarter.  You don’t need a fancy chart by any means, in fact, any old piece of paper will do!

3. Be clear. The chores need to be defined. Empty the dishwasher, set the table, wash the dishes, dry the dishes, empty the garbage and take to bin.  Discuss with your children what each chore entails.

4. Let your children have some say in what chores they would like to do. If you are giving them 4 chores, allow them to pick 2 and you choose 2. This way, you are able to encourage them to do the chores that YOU want done, and they are allowed to do some of the chores they prefer.

5. Chores don’t have to be work… they can be fun too!  “Whistle while you work”, turn on some tunes and have fun!


Feeling like a part of a family team is important for everyone in your whole family! Chores can be a great way to teach the old adage, “Many hands make light work!”  If everyone in the family team helps out, the work gets done quicker and there is more time for fun!


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4 Tips for Making ‘Meal Time’ Fun for You & Your Kids

Kids… and feeding them. ~Sigh~ Some days, this task is easier said than done.  Between fussy kids and allergies, meal time can become one of those stressful times of day in a pinch.

Food Tips

These 4 simple rules make feeding time a little easier!  Remember, it isn’t important to finish all your food, but it is important to try new things.

Institute the One Bite Rule-
The idea is that your children must try everything at least once, before they are allowed to tell you they don’t like it. This will help with their open mindedness when it comes to food. One bite means chew and swallow…  if they don’t like it, they can chase it with water.

Do Not cook different things for each family member-
Unless someone has an allergy. Stop picky eaters from developing by sticking to this rule. The old “you get what you get and you don’t get upset” motto is an ideal for developing good eating habits.

Making a game of anything makes it more fun-
Don’t leave that one sad broccoli on the plate! The goal is to make eating healthy things a positive experience, so have some fun at the dinner table. Use anthropomorphism to help explain why that sad little broccoli wants to be in with his family in your tummy! Be positive and let them tell stories as well!

The smaller things are, the more kids seem to love them-
Better yet, have a MINI FOOD PARTY! Involve your kids in making mini sandwiches, pancakes, fruit, you name it- using tiny cookie cutters and mini plates. Healthy food can be fun food!


Ditch the food struggles in your house today!


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#Underwear can make your #Monday

Well, it’s Monday. The sun is shining brightly in YYC today, the geese are honking, and everyone is feeling lighter wearing their spring jackets. Finally!

All of this delicious sun is melting the snow quickly, and the treasures that have been covered up all winter are being revealed. For the O’Connor girls this morning, the “treasure” we got to see made us all bust a gut in the school parking lot.

Underwear!It was the Underwear. The same pair that made us giggle every morning in the fall was still sitting right where they were left! I’m all about cleaning up the world, but you won’t find me picking up those bad boys. Clearly, everyone else at school feels the same!

What a fabulous way to start the day…laughing our butts off at the hilarious pair of undies.

What made your Monday special?



Yours in laughter,

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