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Be That Girl™

Praise for Be That Girl!

There are some girls who just have it. There are some girls who want it. Then there are the girls who have it, and can inspire others to get it. Tina O’Connor is “That Girl!”

-Robert G. Allen,Co-Author of the Bestselling Book,

The One Minute Millionaire

Be That Girl Book - Tina O'Connor


Be That Girl is one of the Best Books on Self Help. Whether you are a mom, a wife, a single girl, a grandma, a great grandma, an employee, a boss, a business owner, or a combination of all of the above, you can Be That Girl!

Sexy. Sophisticated. Motivated. Organized. Powerful. Successful. Calm. You can have it all….or at least whatever you want! This inspiration program will give you Big Ideas that are Simple to start today.

Your life will improve immediately! Learn how to realize all of your strengths, use them in a positive way, and end up creating everything you could want in your life.

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Be That Girl can help you

  • Get Happier, Simply!
  • Find more time to spend with your family (kids, parents, aunts & uncles)
  • Find more time for you! (Oh, yeah, facials, pedicures, yoga, cleaning, hiking, you name it!)
  • Be less stressed
  • Create healthy, easy meals without ripping your hair out!
  • Be energized
  • Feel Sexier
  • Lose Weight
  • Feel more fulfilled in your life
  • Be organized and prepared
  • Be on time
  • Start your own business
  • Effectively manage your children
  • Effectively manage your household
  • Work Less
  • Earn more money

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Personal Budget Worksheet

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2 Responses

  1. Hello Tina,

    Just had to write to say how much I love receiving your colorful and
    inspiring newsletter.
    It is simply a great “pick me up” and I look forward to each quote.

    I see wonderful things ahead for your endeavor and am excited about
    reading your books when they become available.

    Much success, Tina!

  2. […] met Jeff Moore about 4 years ago, while touring with the release of my first book, Be That Girl. My publicist booked me on Rogers Daytime York Region, and it was my second real TV appearance, […]