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Get your dose of daily Yoga in 8 minutes!

Yoga. It’s one of my favorite things, and when I do it regularly, my body and my mind are more healthy. But fitting yoga into my life hasn’t been easy. Making time to attend a class outside of the home (2 hours 25 minutes for a 1.25 hour class with travel) was not easy for me, and I wasn’t practicing at home, so my yoga mat started to collect dust in the basement. I realized that I wasn’t making room in my life for yoga, and I had lots of excuses for why my mat was so lonely. I have decided to kick those reasons to the curb and add yoga back into my life everyday. I don’t need to do an hour and a half class to be effective, I just need to DO something. I knew I could find 8 minutes everyday, and I think you can to.


Here’s an easy plan to add yoga to your everyday. 8 minutes is all you need!


  1. Plan for daily yoga. You only need 8 minutes, so figure out where you’ll fit that in. Wake up earlier? Before bed? Lunchtime? Just make the time.
  2. Get dressed in your yoga wear. This just needs to be something you can easily move and bend in, and that you won’t be tripping on.
  3. Roll out your yoga mat. Finding a designated space in your home where you can lay your mat, and feel comfortable, is an important piece of a successful home practice. Stake your claim on that part of your home, and place your yoga mat close by.
  4. Get electronic device, Tablet or Phone, and go to youtube and pull up one of these videos. Each one is about 5 and a half minutes…

For Yoga Beginners:

For Those More Experienced with Yoga:

Tina’s Tips of Feng Shui: Always lay your mat in the Power Position, so that you are facing the doorway to the room, and so that you have something firm and grounding behind you, like a wall. No one can sneak up on you, and you will feel much more power in your practice.

5. IMG_0638If you are more experienced with yoga, take another minute and go upside down. Here’s how:

      • Fold your mat and place it at the base of a wall.
      • Kneel in front of your mat and interlace your fingers and make a cup shape to support your head. Your elbows should be just shoulder width apart.
      • Place your head between your hands, and straighten your legs up into a pike position. Get your bum as close to the wall as you can.
      • Kick your feet up onto the wall, and press your elbows down into the floor. Your arms, not your head,  should be supporting your body. Squeeze your ab muscles, tighten your butt cheeks, and reach with strong legs up to the ceiling.  Breathe, relax and stay in this position for a minute (or longer if you can, and you have time).

Yoga Piccollage

6. Sit on your mat in Cobler’s Pose (criss cross), close your eyes and meditate for 1 minute, focusing only on your breathing. buddhist-481763_1280

7. Place your hands in the prayer position, and say “Namaste” (Na-Ma-Stay) to the Universe, while you bow your head.

8. Roll up your mat and get it ready for the next day. Change into your regular clothes, if you have to.

Start to finish, 8 minutes for a little yoga and some meditation. Time is our worst enemy, and our favorite excuse for why we don’t do the things we love. An hour and a half class is a luxury, and when you can afford the time, do it!   But for everyday, let 8 minutes be enough for you and just get on the mat today, and everyday!   In 8 minutes, you can stretch, breathe and focus yourself. You’re worth it.






Originally published on and shared with permission.


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Spring Cleaning for Love: 8 ways to “clean up” in your bedroom!

Spring is in the air, and we are finally ready to pull ourselves out from the rocks we’ve been hiding under this winter. The garden is ready to be tilled. The windows are ready to be opened. The tulips are about to rise through the earth in search of the sun. You are ready to blossom. It’s time to think about Spring Cleaning. But I’m not just talking about cleaning the house, or the garage or sowing the garden. I’m talking about Spring Cleaning with a focus on you. You deserve more love. We all do.
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Happy Easter to you and your little bunnies!

Happy Easter everyone!

Here’s hoping that the Easter bunny brings warm, sunny weather this weekend along with a basket-full of sweet treats for everyone. If you’re looking for a sweet story for your little bunnies (to balance out all that chocolate), the heartwarming kids book “Too Many Teddies” makes a great Easter present.

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Too Many Teddies children's book by Shelley Arnusch



Waste not, Want Not: Reuse your Water, Simply.

IMG_0567Clean water is a precious commodity that we take for granted in North America. As a mom of 3, and avid hater of wasting anything, I get really frustrated at the end of the day when there are 8 cups of full or half full water glasses that never made it into my children’s mouths. I have asked them to serve themselves out only what they think they will drink, and then refill if they need more (so, take a little and get more if you are still thirsty!), but alas the water glasses still accumulate. I like my house to stay clean, especially the kitchen; it must always be in the ready position, that’s just good Feng Shui!

So, I used to dump those abandoned water glasses straight down the drain, load the dishwasher and call it a night. It bothered me. We have a well for our water supply, and in September an early winter storm had  us out of electricity for 3 days. Our natural gas fireplace still worked, so we had heat, and we used flashlights and candles for light. But we live on a acreage and our water supply comes from a nice deep well, that requires an electric pump to get water to our home. Not having water was a really big deal. No showers, no toilet flushing, no dishwashing, no drinking water or cooking water. No water at all!  That experience made me keenly aware of two things:IMG_0571

1. We need to get a back up generator, (and an emergency supply of clean water!)

2. Clean water is precious.

So, I conserve water in any way I can. Half drank plastic water bottles take up room in my storage room (who’s going to care about someone else’s germs in an emergency), and I refuse to dump clean water down the drain! Instead, I keep my plant watering jug on the kitchen counter close to the sink, and I empty my kids water glasses into the watering jug. Then, I water my plants with that water. It’s a perfect way to conserve your clean water  Some days, I can almost fill the whole watering can with water left over from lunch water bottles and random glasses!

Tina’s Tips of Feng Shui:

Plants are amazing Feng Shui, and they add life, energy and clean air. Add plants to your life!


Take time to appreciate your water, and be thoughtful before you dump it down the drain. Ask yourself, “could I use this for something else?”

If we all started asking ourselves that question before we disposed of anything, our planet would be better off!


To our planetary success,


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Go after what you want!

goal-729567_1280It’s a beautiful day in Calgary today, one of those rare days that you just don’t want to work because the sun is shining too brightly. In Calgary, we never take these good days for granted. Today, I was thinking about going after what you want. What does that really mean? “Going after” means chasing it, following it, tracking it down, hunting it, and finally capturing it. “What you want”…now that part of the equation is really important. You have to know what you want, and what you want doesn’t always stay the same! How can you track a moving target, or a target that is not defined? Any good hunter will know it’s prey, will have his eye on the prize, and is willing to track his prey even as it moves around. The hunter is patient, he knows the ways of his target intimately, watches it intently, focuses on his target, and when the time is right, he strikes, and secures his prize.

We can learn a lot about our own goals and achieving our dreams from the hunter. Here’s 5 simple ways to go after what you want:

  1. Know your target. Define your goals. Know what it will mean to achieve your goal, what the result should be and how you will know you achieved it.
  2. Focus and Attention. Put your focus and attention on your goals. Actively pursue what you want by taking action, and following your dreams down the path that comes to you.
  3. Be patient. You must stay alert and watch for opportunities to come along. When your chance comes, do not hesitate. Jump on it, or you will miss it.
  4. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” -W.C. Fields. Do not give up. Just keep taking action, stay focused on your goal, and know that you will achieve it, and you will.
  5. It may not always happen the way you think it will, but the Universe will get you there every time. Prey on your dreams like a hunter; you have the ability to fill your life with anything you want. Just go for it.

summer-635247_1280And when the sun shines, just take a break from whatever you are doing, and close your eyes and let the rays warm your skin and your soul. Breathe, relax and enjoy your life. Your stuff will get done faster and more easily when you are in a peaceful, grateful place. Take time out for you, reflect on the amazing life you have, and bring more of that in!


To your amazing success,



Buckle Up – 2015 is Going To Be An Exciting Year!

Happy New Year!


“As we begin the transition from the year of the Horse to the year of the Sheep (February 19th!), we can expect things to calm down considerably as far as energy goes, and can expect an abundant, pleasant year for everyone!” Says author Tina O’Connor.


2014 was a great year for Be That Books, with the addition of two spectacular authors, and the release of three new titles.


2015 is going to be an exciting year… watch for news of new authors and new releases soon!


If you haven’t had a chance to peek at our newest releases, click here.


What’s upcoming?



Author Tina O’Connor will be at the Lethbridge ‘Love & Lust’ show this weekend (January 16th & 17th). Come and get your copy of ‘Be That Kinky Girl‘ signed at the Enmax Centre.


We’ll also be at the Taboo – Naughty but Nice Show in Vancouver, January 22nd to 25th.


***Psst… we have 50 tickets to give away to this show!!!!
If you’d like to attend, email us before January 21st at,



Pitch us your book idea and/or pop in for a ‘Be That Kinky Girl’ seminar with Tina O’Connor!
We’d love to meet you!



Tina O’Connor recently discussed her

“Hot n’ Steamy Nights” ideas with Jim Harrison
of CHNL-Radio Kamloops.

To listen to the podcast,



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We Enjoyed Meeting You!




Be That Books had an amazing November 2014, with three authors on the loose in Calgary, Edmonton and Toronto. There was plenty of book signings, demonstrations of hair tools and lots of ‘oh la la’ kinky talk!


author tour



Tina O’Connor represented Be That Books Publishing at the Calgary & Edmonton Taboo Shows. ‘Be That Kinky Girl’ was a hit, on the air and off!


taboo collage


‘Be That Kinky Girl’ November 21/14 – Breakfast Television Edmonton


It was great to see our authors in action; Tina spreading her girl tigress powers, Mai showing us hair maintenance in a snap and Eddie, inspiring work force leaders to make change! Their books definitely inspire one to get up and do it, but meeting these individuals in person is a special treat.




The itinerary for 2015 is currently under advisement and will be updated soon! We are so excited to see where 2015 leads us– we can’t wait to read what you have to say!


Come & See Us at the National Women’s Show in Toronto this Weekend



We’re overjoyed to be at The National Women’s Show in Toronto this weekend. An exciting event filled with food, fashion and fun! If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, we’d love to have you stop by our booth #928 to see all the great things we have to offer.


nat show




Tina O’Connor will also make a special appearance on the ‘Workshop Stage’ at 3:30 pm on Friday, November 7th. She’ll be at our booth this weekend, along with Mai Lieu (Friday Nov. 7 – 2 to 5 pm, Saturday Nov. 8 – 3 to 5 pm).








It has been a busy month for Be That Books Publishing and its authors, so we encourage you to check out our website for media updates in television and radio, and for more upcoming events.


And now, I’ll leave you with a word from Eddie.… #BringAboutWhatYouThinkAbout







We hope to see you in Toronto!



Where & When, We’re Everywhere! #October


We’re looking for you!

Be That Books will be scouting for future

authors at these upcoming Calgary events:





Special Guest appearances by authors 
Mai Lieu & Tina O’Connor!



All of our authors hit the road this month!


To find out where they’ll be,
simply click on the pictures below! 




The newest in the Be That series… Tina O’Connor has succeeded in creating a steamy, instructional guide filled with juicy stories and engaging exercises guaranteed to put the action back in your sex life! 

Release Date : November 1st, 2014 Pre Order NOW (Click photo)


Come meet us this month.

We’d love to see you!