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Asking the right questions.

“Where is the retainer?”


A week and a half ago, my oldest daughter Trinity lost her retainer. ~Sigh~ Despite our every attempt to locate the retainer,  it was still nowhere to be found.  Those of you who know me,  know that I keep a neat and sweet little house, with a place for everything. If it hasn’t been found in a week and a half, it’s not here… I’ve looked. Trinity only needs to wear her retainer at night, but she needs it nonetheless. So, I booked an appointment with our Orthodontist to get a replacement one, for a small fee of $300. The receptionist told me to call back if we happened to find the retainer before the appointment. Perhaps I took that as a challenge, but it meant I still had 5 days to find it!

That Sunday, my kids were watching cartoons, so I took some time to work. My latest project is the release of a book by an author named Eddie LeMoine. This book is in the serious editing phase and I am pulling it apart like a banshee!!  LeMoine’s book intrigued me right from start, “Bring About What You Think About” — Yep, it’s literally that simple. At least that’s what Eddie wants to convince you of  in his upcoming book.

I spent a good hour or two doing revisions. The content was focused on your thinking, having the reader ask themselves different questions to create better results in their lives.

Publishing Process: Eddie LeMoine's Book in Editing

Publishing Process: Eddie LeMoine’s Book in Editing


Interesting, but does it work? I decided to put it to the test. I needed to find the retainer. I had a deadline. If I thought that we could find it, we could. Right?

So, I asked the question. I pulled Ryan and my girls together for a ‘pow wow’, and I said “The question of the day is- Where is the Retainer? We need to find the retainer!“.  All 5 of us thought about the question, sending it out to the Universe, with the hope of a most benevolent reply!

Two hours later, Trinity screamed  “MOM!”, in a shrill voice that made me think she had hurt herself. She had found her retainer, in a closet… on the floor.

Coincidence? I don’t know. But I’ll probably try that method again. Ask the right question to get the right result.


Have a fun and inspiring day!


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