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be-that-books-website-title1.jpgBe That Books Publishing is currently accepting any self help, well being, health, and children’s book manuscripts at this time. We are interested in books that are life inspiring, innovative and breathe a sense of exhilaration into their readers.

Why Consider Be That Books?

Are you tired of receiving no acknowledgement when you contact a publisher?

Has your manuscript been sitting in a slush pile for over 6 months?

Did you have a book accepted for publication only to find out it won’t be carried anywhere?

All that stops now that you’ve found Be that Books. We offer the quality product of a traditional publisher with the convenience and affordability of a self publisher. To us you aren’t just a writer- you are a member of the team.

Please allow six months after submitting your proposal for a response, as we will be using this time to review your manuscript carefully.

Please include in your submission:

  • Cover letter including author information and brief description of proposed work.Tell us why we NEED to work with you!
  • A summary of the book.
  • A complete table of contents.
  • A market/audience analysis to include similar titles to yours; how they differ and how they are the same. It should also include clear, defined reasons as to why your book will succeed.
  • An up-to-date listing of your own marketing and publicity experience and/or plans for the future.
  • Your vitae and/or qualifications to write the book.
  • Two or three sample chapters.
  • Sample illustrations or photographs if appropriate (duplicates, please, not originals).

Please e-mail your submissions to

**Only those authors that we wish to speak to regarding their submissions will be contacted. Please be prepared with hard copies in the event that we want to see more from you! Thank you for your submission, and good luck as an author!**


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