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Put on Your O’Connor Cap & Bring the Luck of the Irish To Your House this St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a widely celebrated day by all, Irish or not.  We put on our brightest Kelly greens, adorn ourselves with lucky charms and shamrocks, and perhaps we will even drink green beer!  St.Patrick’s Days of the past might have been spent at the pub, but life with children means you can up the ante and have a different kind of fun celebrating.


You will have plenty of Leprechaun Traps coming home from school (x3!), but someone will have to pretend that there has been Leprechaun activity on the days leading up to the event! (I’m talking about you!)  To bring about the magic, I’ve amassed a list of tips for turning the illusion into reality.

  •  Serve up a meal with mysterious ‘miniature’ green footprints on the plate.  An action figure shoe dipped in some green food colour mixed with icing works perfectly!  (To create the illusion elsewhere, use *washable* ink!)

  • The Leprechaun Traps will need tending to… so, overnight attach a bit of green velvet poking out from it, to give the illusion of an ill-fated escape attempt.  You and your kids can also have fun planning a special treat to bait the Leprechaun.

  • The Pot O’ Gold at the end of the rainbow just begs for a scavenger hunt.  On the days leading up to St. Patrick’s Day (using foil-wrapped coin treasures), hide a chocolate coin attached to a clue where another coin may be found the next day… all leading up to a final jackpot on the big day!

  • A toque winding up in the fridge, stuffed animals suddenly dressed up and ready to go out, opened books– these are all harmless, mischievous pranks that make it seem like an impish visitor has been wreaking havoc on your house.

Spend a few minutes on Pinterest searching out goodies,  foods and crafts to help get the family into the swing of things.  A little bit of green food colouring qualifies food as ‘Irish’ on this occasion, but you’ll find that a few Irish staples are really super easy to make.  Irish soda bread, is not only one of the simplest, but it is also one of the tastiest!

Have fun with it!  It’s fun to be tricky!  😉

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