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Recipe for a Great Girls Night Out!

Being Girls, there are a lot of opportunities available to us for a Great Girly night out, or in! Our time as women is valuable, and spending time with our lady friends can really bring out the GIRL in all of us! Being women, what we want to do is always going to depend on our moods, which may, or may not be influenced by the “time of the month”, “the phase of the moon”, or just your own personal preferences. You will never want your girly nights to be dull , or drab…they may only happen once a month, or once a year, so make them count! Variety is the spice of life, so pull yourself out of your comfort zone and plan an amazing Girls Night Out with these amazing ideas from Be That Girl™.

Pampered Pretties:
– Go for a manicure and pedicure together at your local ‘splash n dash’.  If funds are tight, do each others nail while you sip tea, or other delicious beverages.
– Get all dolled up in your girl best at someone’s house… there is nothing more energizing than 5 or 6 women getting ready together! Make up, hair, clothes, shoes, accessories – laughter!
– Go out to a classy bar or restaurant together and take over the dance floor!  Or just enjoy cocktails while hearing about all of the exciting things going on in other people’s lives.

Slumber Party:
– This will NOT be the kind of party that men fantasize about… this is about what women want!  Comfy jammies and sweat pants, hair pulled back in ponytails, no makeup, tubs of ice cream, chocolate, licorice, chips, popcorn and brownies, combined with a perfect girly movie, or just a few girly magazines.  Nothing stirs up conversation like a few Hollywood smut magazines!
– No actual sleepover required, but letting oneself hang out with 5 or 6 other women in your most casual nature for a whole night is a total indulgence.

Chez Paris:
– Have one of your friends agree to host this event at their home. You can alternate homes and make this a monthly event, if everyone’s game.
– Ask each person to bring a type of cheese, and either crackers or baguette or pita chips to go  with their cheese. No need to specify what types to bring…the spontaneity of this exercise is fun in itself…you never know what you’re going to get! The host will provide a small fruit tray and a red and white wine selection. Everyone can taste different cheeses paired with wine. Sophisticated noshing of wine and baguette is so elegant and posh, and there is no need to leave your house!    The conversation that will ensue from the cheese high will be out of this world!

Skills to Pay the Bills:
– Plan to learn something new as a group. There are a lot of classes that you can  take that will vary in time frames and skill level. Try to plan for an introductory class, or weekend class that is beginner so that everyone can be included, but that does not require an immense level of time commitment, especially when you are starting out. What a great way to ‘experience’ life…together!
– Be sure to include a Juice Bar session before or after your class to rejuvenate your body, and add some deliciousness to your night!
– Some examples of classes you can try together – yoga, thai chi, karate, kick boxing, make up application, pole dancing, belly dancing, ballet, shooting range (what an empowering way to spend an evening), cooking class, learn another language, bartending 101

Focus on Win-Win:
– Attend a fundraiser with your group of girls. Typically, fundraising nights are fancy, schmancy nights where you will all get to be dressed to the nines! (or in your case, 10’s!!). From Golf Tourneys to Gala Dinners, charity events are exciting ways to spend time together as a group.
– Your fancy, fun night out will be helping you favorite charity, and you will feel great about the support you are all sharing!
– Fundraisers are excellent places to network with other amazing people.

– Go out to a popular local attraction, like a museum, park, tower, or landmark that is well known in your community. Seeing the top of the “Calgary Tower”, walking through your local zoo, or seeing “Banff National Park” together could look a lot different than it did to you as a child! Attending a museum as a group of elegant ladies would be rather posh, wouldn’t it?
– Shop at a local Farmer’s Market. Find the closest Farmer’s Market and meet your ladies there. Enjoy shopping from farmers and vendors who live down the road from you and who take intense pride in the goods they grow and make. Meet at someone’s house afterwards to create a delicious dinner or round of appetizers with your market finds. Feel good about supporting your local economy, while selfishly indulging your own needs.


No matter what you choose to do, finding the support, friendship, and charisma of a group of women friends can be a joy in life that we are all worthy of sharing. If you want to make the very act of hanging with each other on a regular basis appealing and exciting, you have got to add in a little variety. When you have  5 or 6 women to please, you are going to need to switch things up,  keep it light, and make it fun to keep everyone happy. Women make the world go around, and as Raffi sings “the more we get together, the happier we’ll be”. So let’s hear it for the girls, and let’s make time for girl nights!


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Tina O’Connor, BSc Psych.
President & CEO, Be That Books Inc.
Author, Entrepreneur, Mom, Wife, Professional Organizer, and Cool Chick.

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