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Home A Thought on Positive Thinking Happy Easter to you and your little bunnies!

Happy Easter to you and your little bunnies!

Happy Easter everyone!

Here’s hoping that the Easter bunny brings warm, sunny weather this weekend along with a basket-full of sweet treats for everyone. If you’re looking for a sweet story for your little bunnies (to balance out all that chocolate), the heartwarming kids book “Too Many Teddies” makes a great Easter present.

Too Many Teddies by Shelley ArnuschDownload from Kobo for just 1.99 on Good Friday, April 14, 2017!

Since its release in 2014, the easy-to-read book has found fans all over the world with its universal tale about sharing, generosity and friendship told in vibrant, animation-style colour illustrations. Little Trixie’s realization that she can bring joy to others (and calm to her own household) by sharing her stuffed animals instead of keeping them all to herself is presented in a way that kids can relate to and embrace — even those little ones whose current favourite word is “MINE!” (so, all of them).
This weekend’s special offer on E-books is a great opportunity to get “Too Many Teddies” on your family tablet for less than the price of a latte! It’s a great read for car travel to Easter dinner at grandma’s or for the drive to the mountains for some late-season ski days.

Spread the joy, spread the love and order Too Many Teddies today!

All the Best,

Shelley Arnusch

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Shelley Arnusch is a National Magazine Award-winning writer currently based in Calgary, Alberta. Her work appears regularly in Avenue Magazine as well as Up! Magazine, the inflight publication of Westjet Airlines. An avid skier, she spent several years in Whistler, B.C. as the entertainment editor of Pique Newsmagazine. She has written for Skier Magazine, Mountain Life and the Ski Press and contributed the foreword to the first book by Whistler-based outdoor adventure photographer Blake Jorgenson. She’s also a music lover and a regular presence on the arts and culture scene in her home city. Arnusch has always loved to read and her career as a writer has been inspired by wanting to create great things for others to read. As a kid growing up, she regularly brought home stacks of books from the library and spent hours sawing through them, absorbing the words and storylines. Too Many Teddies is her first children’s book. Inspired by her good friend’s daughter, Arnusch’s whimsical tale will both entertain kids as well as encourage them to be friendly and giving toward others.

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