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D.I.Y Homemade Family Flag Project

Family Day fun that is sure to become a lifelong memory!


Supplies Needed:

(Be creative, and use whatever you can find at home. The kids can help you do a treasure hunt!)

  • 2 Pillowcases (or 1 Pillowcase and Fabric Scraps or old sheets from around the house)
  • Sewing Kit: Needle, Thread, Scissors, Straight Pins
  • Ruler
  • Fabric pencil, or pencil crayon that will show up on your fabric
  • Paper for stencils
  • Paints and Paintbrushes
  • Other decorative elements (You can add your family crest, use pre-cut letters, etc)
  • Spray glue or Fabric Glue
  • Something to hang the flag with (flagpole, wood stick, yarn, twine, etc)

PicMonkey Collage1


  1. Use one pillowcase as your flag, and the other pillowcase /fabric scraps / material will be used to decorate your flag. Contrasting colors will work best. I used a black pillowcase and an old red sheet. (The red sheet is bad Feng Shui for sleeping and besides, I never could learn how to fold a fitted sheet!)
  2. Using scrap paper,  trace and cut out templates for the shapes you would like to have on your flag (ie: Name letters, hearts, stars, etc).
  3. Pin the paper templates to your fabric scraps, and cut out your shapes.
    *Tip: if you cut your fabric piece to the same size as your pillowcase and then affix your templates to it, you will guarantee that all of your stuff will fit on the pillowcase flag.*
  4. Lay the shapes out on your “pillowcase flag”. Make sure everything fits and that it looks the way you like.
    *Tip: take a picture of your layout so you can recreate it after decorating.
  5. To create a space to thread a flag pole or rope through your flag, follow these next 3 steps:
    -Using a ruler, draw a line 1 inch down from the top of your pillow case all the way across using a fabric pencil, (or any pencil that will show up on your fabric).
    -Using a needle and thread, sew along the line you drew.
    -Cut open a slit on the side of the pillowcase that is not open.PicMonkey Collage2
  6. Decorate your fabric shapes. This is the fun part. Each member of the family can do one piece. We used paint and stencils to decorate ours. I also added a piece of ribbon for the bow on the heart.
  7. Once your shapes are dry, they are ready to to be glued onto your flag. (You may have to wait for a few hours, or overnight, if you are painting).
  8. Insert your flag onto a flag pole, wood piece or thread some twine through the top of your flag so you have some way of hanging it. I found a nice twig outside to use with mine, and I used twine to keep with that country feel.
  9. Proudly display your flag on a wall at home, or fly your family flag outdoors (perhaps at the cabin?)!

Hope you have a fun, family-filled day!



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