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Janet Legere

Meet Janet Legere

Janet Legere is a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, and friend to many.  She has a passion for life and a mission to empower others to be their very best.

Janet has been a successful full-time Internet Marketer and Coach for 20 years, sharing her skills and gifts in the global arena. She infuses her strategies for joy and happiness into all of her training making every step a simple, accessible, and positive learning experience.

“The secret of success is recognizing where you are, deciding to think positive thoughts, and doing whatever you need to do to help yourself move in the direction of happiness.”

“My hope is that you will discover new ways to think happy, positive thoughts and that you decide to think on purpose so that your journey through life moves you ever closer to true happiness.”

“May your journey bring unending brilliant discoveries, and that you find happiness at every door you open.”

Janet Legere
Author: Get Stuck on Happy

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