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Be That Mom™


Praise for Be That Mom™!

“The Be That Mom™ method is simple and inspiring!  Tina writes with such clarity and passion that any mom will want to step-up their game plan, to forge ahead into their future with less stress and more time for family.”
Sandi Richard, international best selling author of the Cooking for the Rushed series and star of Food Network’s Fixing Dinner

“Moms really devote themselves to their families, often thinking of themselves last.  Tina inspires moms to lessen the stress and rediscover life as a mom in this easy to read, well laid out approach.”
Robert G. Allen International Multi-Bestselling Author Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, Multiple Streams of Internet Income, Nothing Down, Nothing Down for Women, The One Minute Millionaire, Cracking the Millionaire Code, and Cash In A Flash.

Be That Mom Book
‘Be That Mom™’ (Ignite your passions, Organize your Life & Embrace your Family) is an instructional and inspirational book designed to help moms of any age relax and enjoy their time more. From communication to discipline to loving yourself, Be That Mom is a fun read that motivates moms to have a bit more fun (with and without their kids)!

‘Be That Mom™’ is a step-by-step, easy to follow system designed to help you embrace a more relaxed, joyous lifestyle as a mom.  Filled with incredible advice and simple instructions, Be That Mom™ will inspire you to have more fun with, and without, your kids and will help you create well-being and happiness for you and your family. So come on Mom, what are you waiting for? You ARE ready to Be That Mom!

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With ‘Be That Mom’ – Be Ready to

  • Get your house organized (and get the kids to help too).
  • Feel calmer, more relaxed and happier.
  • Add fun into your life as a family!
  • Get your family unit working together to accomplish huge goals.
  • Be Healthy and go ‘natural’ as a Family!
  • Be more successful in all areas of your life!
  • Add more love and passion to your life!
  • Learn simple techniques to bring out the best MOM, and GIRL, in you!
  • Manifest the Mom you’ve always wanted to be – NOW!


 “Are you Ready to Be That Mom™? If you screamed YES!, this book is for you!”

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