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Remember someone today who has done something special for you in the past.  If possible, send them a note, text, email or give them a phone call and tell them how much you appreciated what they did.  If contact with them is not possible, write them a note in your notebook and think fondly of them in your head.  Now, pay that thoughtful act forward and do something special for someone today, and everyday.  Namaste!


Promote Yourself.

Take a piece of paper and write down at the top

“Awesome things about ” Insert Your Name”.  For me, it would be “Awesome things about Tina O’Connor”.

Write down your accomplishments in life as of today.  Try to write down at least 5 things, but write as much as you can! Here are some examples:

  • I completed grade 12
  • I have a degree in ——-
  • I have volunteered at the women’s shelter
  • I secured a job at ——
  • I helped an older person across the street the other day
  • I am a licensed —–
  • I am in school to be a —–
  • I remember phone numbers, and PLU codes for vegetables, and my airmiles number
  • I never forget a face
  • I have an amazing smile
  • I am great with kids (or animals)
  • I am assertive (outgoing, fun, energetic, outrageous)
  • I play the violin (or piano, guitar, etc)
  • I can fit my fist in my mouth (this one is for someone special in my life!)

This is a personal list, and one that should be fun.  Read your list over when you are done, and give yourself a pat on the back.  YOU ARE AMAZING.

Now start treating yourself like the amazing person you are.   And starting today, do whatever it takes to add things to your awesome list.

Have an abundant day! Namaste.



Effort and action produce results.  Motivation and desire inspire efforts and actions.

Look at your life.  You will notice that you are seeing results in the areas that you are putting the most effort into.  Not getting the results you want? Ask yourself if you are truly putting in the effort.  Then ask yourself if you truly want to get results in that area.    If you are motivated, you will put in the effort.  So, why are you not motivated to get the results you think you want? What is holding back?

You are the only one holding you back.  You can do anything if you put your mind to it. Break the walls down and tell yourself that you CAN do it.

Figure out what you really want, and what really motivates you.  This is the key.  Everything else will fall into place once you have that straight in your own mind.

Motivation.  Effort.  Results.




“You’re never fully dressed…”

From the musical Annie.

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile.”

“It’s what you wear from ear to ear,  and not from head to toe (that matters). ”

Make sure you put your smile on with your clothes today!

Happy Monday.  Namaste!


Relativity of Time.

Do not regret, or wish to change, anything from your past.  That has made you who you are today.  Be content with yourself today, and get excited about your future.



“Do as I say,  not as I do.”

I would question that… always.



Read books on things you are passionate about. Read more books on being successful. Read other successful people’s biographies. Read books written by your heroes. Reading is a common trait of highly successful people, so do as they do.


On getting what you want.

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease”

The only way you will get what you want is by asking for it! And do not take “no” for an answer.  There is always a way, so just keep asking questions, even when you run into roadblocks.  You may need to ask different people, or ask for it in a different way, but be persistent.  The result is what we want, so keep it in the forefront of your mind.   How we get there may not matter as much, so be prepared to follow a path that you may not have been down before, or that you did not anticipate.  Be prepared for the opportunities that come when you start asking for things.  You will get the grease if you are squeaky enough.  Namaste!


Keep it simple.

Love is all you need.
Paul McCartney


4 Hugs a Day…

“4 Hugs a Day, that’s the minimum.  4 Hugs a Day, not the maximum!”

You need 4 hugs a day just to survive, but don’t stop there! The more the better! Human touch is essential to our well being, so start hugging more! Once you start doing this more, you will notice how a simple hug can energize you and make you feel better.  And the longer the hug, the better.   Improve your day with a hug (or 4!).  Namaste!