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Go after what you want!

goal-729567_1280It’s a beautiful day in Calgary today, one of those rare days that you just don’t want to work because the sun is shining too brightly. In Calgary, we never take these good days for granted. Today, I was thinking about going after what you want. What does that really mean? “Going after” means chasing it, following it, tracking it down, hunting it, and finally capturing it. “What you want”…now that part of the equation is really important. You have to know what you want, and what you want doesn’t always stay the same! How can you track a moving target, or a target that is not defined? Any good hunter will know it’s prey, will have his eye on the prize, and is willing to track his prey even as it moves around. The hunter is patient, he knows the ways of his target intimately, watches it intently, focuses on his target, and when the time is right, he strikes, and secures his prize.

We can learn a lot about our own goals and achieving our dreams from the hunter. Here’s 5 simple ways to go after what you want:

  1. Know your target. Define your goals. Know what it will mean to achieve your goal, what the result should be and how you will know you achieved it.
  2. Focus and Attention. Put your focus and attention on your goals. Actively pursue what you want by taking action, and following your dreams down the path that comes to you.
  3. Be patient. You must stay alert and watch for opportunities to come along. When your chance comes, do not hesitate. Jump on it, or you will miss it.
  4. “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” -W.C. Fields. Do not give up. Just keep taking action, stay focused on your goal, and know that you will achieve it, and you will.
  5. It may not always happen the way you think it will, but the Universe will get you there every time. Prey on your dreams like a hunter; you have the ability to fill your life with anything you want. Just go for it.

summer-635247_1280And when the sun shines, just take a break from whatever you are doing, and close your eyes and let the rays warm your skin and your soul. Breathe, relax and enjoy your life. Your stuff will get done faster and more easily when you are in a peaceful, grateful place. Take time out for you, reflect on the amazing life you have, and bring more of that in!


To your amazing success,


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Tina O’Connor is an on-air personality and relationship expert who focuses on parenting, sex and lifestyle issues — with a feng shui twist. She is the author and creator of the popular "Be That" book series, whose titles include "Be That Girl," "Be That Mom" and "Be That Kinky Girl," providing women and couples everywhere with concrete strategies to achieve more balance, happiness, peace and success in their lives. Tina holds a BSc in psychology and is a certified feng shui practitioner and mom of three who appears regularly on Global, CTV and Rogers TV stations across Canada. She has also appeared as a guest on a wide variety of radio stations, from CBC to Playboy Radio. With her straight-talking approach and dynamic personality, Tina gives real-world advice with a flair for entertainment. She truly is "That Girl."

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